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La Troya – Space (2016)

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The reason La Troya is one of Ibiza’s most successful parties is because they preach the gospel of acceptance, tolerance, appreciation and love. No other party makes you feel at home quite like La Troya does. It is one of a select few events on the island that expands the consciousness by performance and concept alone. It does not require the party-goer to be in an altered state to partake. The party simply asks that attendees pay attention, keep an open mind and enjoy the experience.

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Enclosed in this online exhibition are some the event’s most bazaar characters and moments from it’s 2016 season at Space Ibiza.
What is important to note about this collection is that Space, for the better part of three decades, was considered to be the best and most influential night club in the world. And yet, due to circumstances beyond their control, “The Most Awarded Club In The World” had to close its doors after 27 years of spectacle, sensation and magic.

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