“LA TROYA” is known as the authentic fiesta and best night of Ibiza. The father of the creature is Brasilio de Oliveira, an icon in Ibiza and the rest of the world, for his innumerable events in Ku-­‐Ibiza and Ku-­‐ Privilege one of the first clubs in the island. More than 30 years making parties and connecting people, has become the oldest, respected and wanted promoter on the island.

LA TROYA started the Ku-­Privilege called “La Vaca Asesina” where it broke public records for 4 years, followed by Amnesia for another 14 years with the same glamor where it won the prize of the best party in the world and where Brasilio was manager for 4 years taking all the 7 parties of the week to succeed. From Amnesia to Space Ibiza where he stays for another 4 years because all the best clubs want to try the success of LA TROYA.

Around the world more them 100 parties held in the best nightclubs in the most exciting capitals.

However, every Wednesday night, happiness, illusion, magic, and transgression are bestowed upon thousands of admirers from all over the world.

Keeping the same team and image with the same tone of freedom and harmony for so many years is a very great success.

Brasilio and his crew continue being the image of great events. Breaking molds on the island like Babylon, the Temple of Love, in the Hell, in the prison, in Calcutta, in Brazil …

LA TROYA is now in the Heart Ibiza club of the creator of Circo du Soleil, where creativity and art come together to promote the best and most authentic Ibiza night.

Some words from the Creator: Brasilio De Oliveira Neto

“LA TROYA is the most fun party I’ve ever done, I always listen to every detail, I like my guests to feel at home, I always try to go unnoticed that is why people know my name more than my appearance. Proud of being who I am, my concept of importance is very own for me. Most important for me are my friends and my team. I do not like differentiation, seems to be a mistake, everyone is welcome in my parties and well treated, this is the true Ibiza and I would like that it continues like this “.

Brasilio was also the creator of the present parades that characterize the port of Ibiza, at that time they left the mythical Montesol and were very theatrical, their boys dressed in crazy costumes, the ambulances and the police that stopped them. Creator also of the apotheosis Brazilian parties where all the town is the protagonist.

The first ‘Tanga Night’; ‘The Inverted Night’; ‘Fort Ku’; ‘White Fool Moon’; ‘Flower Power’; ‘Babylonia’; ‘The Temple of Love’; ‘Hell’; ‘Fake’; ‘Prison’; ‘Psychiatric Hospital’; ‘Calcutta’; ‘Brazil’; ‘La Vaca Asesina’; ‘The Home of Troya, are some of the innumerable productions that Brasilio has created over the years.

He has brought more than 200 great artists to the island-­‐like Talk Talk; Ian Dury; James Brown; Freddy Mercury; Suzanne Vega; Spandau Ballet; Brian Adams; Natalie Cole; Joe Cocker; Gloria Gaynor; Fine Young Cannibals; Matt Bianco; Marillion, Chris Rea; Duran Duran; Divine; Silvester; 808 State; The Farm; Adamsky; Front 242; Happy Mondays; Kylie Minogue; M People. His style has marked a trend, the immense and spectacular thematic decorations, influenced by the color, the materials and the “exaggeration” of his native country “Brazil”.

The private ones full of celebrities and important personages in the most absolute privacy, or mixing in the track without anyone annoying them. His unique creative process takes him during the summer to create, some parties on the scene, with the background, a “subliminal critique” to current social controversies. A key phrase in their flyers that not everyone understands, only those who for many years follow their holidays and know their codes.

Brasilio De Oliveira Neto
Brasilio De Oliveira Neto

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